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Things to Know


How do I start the brace evaluation process?

We would prefer to have an order from your veterinarian that includes your pet's diagnosis and any specific instructions. We are happy to speak with your veterinarian to discuss the details of the brace.

How many appointments?

There will be 2 or more appointments. A casting, fitting and any necessary follow-up appointments.

How long does a dog wear a Stifle brace?

Typically, a dog's CCL will take 4-6 months to heal with wearing of a custom brace. After the dog's CCL has healed, it is suggested that during times of high activity, such as playing fetch or hiking, that the dog still wear the brace.

What is the warranty on Top Dog Bracing's custom orthoses?

There is a 90-day manufacturer's warranty that covers the workmanship of the brace. We understand things happen, so just let us know and we will do our best to take care of the issue.

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